Monday, August 15, 2005

Treebox Planting Event Sunday

The Trinidad Ivy City Community Garden Club will host a treebox planting this Sunday. We will be planting a couple of treeboxes on Montello (1200 block) & a few more around the corner on Morse (1100 block). The group is planning to meet at 8am outside 1220 Morse NE. Latecomers are welcome (but we may be around the corner on Morse). Interested parties should should call 202-397-7470 and ask for Thalia (feel free to just show up if you forget to call. It would also be great if people could bring tools/gloves/trashbags. We will have some tools/gloves/trashbags, but a few more couldn't hurt. In particular, pick-axes & trowels would be useful. Here are the vitals again-

Where: 1220 Montello (1200 block of Montello, or 1100 block of Morse if you're late).
When: Sunday 8am-until we finish
What: a treebox planting party


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