Thursday, March 23, 2006

TIC Community Garden Club Prepping for Spring

Now that spring is in the air & the bulbs are coming up, it is time once again for the Tinidad-Ivy City Community Garden Club to take up our shovels and make an appearance on the corner.
We did a little treebox repair project last weekend before kicking off the public season for the year. Our bricklined treeboxes on Montello endured a bit of fall/winter abuse.
We decided to undertake this particular task before opening the public season because we want to move forward and welcome new members with the strong message that we don't just want to do one time planting projects. We want to keep returning to the scene of the crime to maintain what we have created.
We believe that building a strong community is about following through & being there for the long run.
Occasional clean-ups are a great thing, don't get us wrong, but isolated events, isolated. They each become just a flash in the pan.
So, while planting treeboxes is fun & the flowers look much better than the debris that once occupied the space, the planting of treeboxes is not our end goal.
We hope that by getting neighbors our out on the street & talking & working together, that maybe a little community building can happen along the way.
And just maybe, if enough of us are out there on a regular basis, we can get to know our neighbors a little better & strive to work together to make Trinidad the best community it can be.
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